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Milano Prime at EBACE 2018 prepares for the opening of Milano Malpensa Prime after strong growth in 2017

SEA Prime will be present at EBACE 2018 with the Milano Prime brand, which includes the Business&General Aviation airports Milano Linate Prime and Milano Malpensa Prime, following positive results, a growing business and new investments in infrastructure.

Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct is an instrument of self-regulation, to ensure the legality of operations, but regulatory compliance must go beyond mere formal observance of the measures, guiding towards understanding the spirit of the law and substantially applying it.

SEA Prime Signature Flight Support Agreement

At local level the announce was managed giving an anticipation to MF, one of the most important financial newspaper, who put the news on the front page, followed by an article well positioned published on April 5th. The pr was launched on April 5th and reported by some newswires, off and on line newspapers and trade.


This section provides specification on the Information Pursuant to Law Decree 190/2012.

Organisational & Management Model

The Organisation and Management Model contains the principles adopted and the activity carried out by SEA Prime to prevent crimes subject of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 and avoid incurring the administrative and criminal liability of legal entities pursuant to said decree.